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Wall Panelling Dublin

Our master craftsman at Michael Cawley Design provides a wall panelling Dublin service for clients throughout the capital.

We are accustomed to working in both modern and traditional homes and adapting our wall panelling Dublin service to the preferences of each client we work with.

Our large range of mouldings can be painted to any finish or colour you desire. We ensure our wall panelling Dublin service fulfills the vision you have for your property, whether you are looking to retain traditional designs or add simple features to a modern home.


Our wood wall panelling services are suitable for very home

Wood Wall Panelling

Wood wall panelling allows homeowners to combine tiles, wallpaper and paint to create truly unique features in their home.

Michael Cawley Design work closely with clients in the collaboration process to find wood wall panelling solutions that complement existing interiors while also emphasising important features throughout a property.

A modern or minimalist look can be captured through the use of raised or flat wood wall panelling to give rooms a high-end appearance. Traditional houses can be easily refreshed by adopting wood wall panelling in combination with wallpaper.

Bathroom Wall Panelling

Looking for a stylish and practical solution to bathroom design? Bathroom wall panels can be crafted to suit a variety of interiors and can be finished in a colour of your choosing.

Adding bathroom wall panels will allow you to unify your bathroom decor into a cohesive and matching design. Achieving a sophisticated look in your bathrooms with bathroom wall panels can be done in a number of ways.

Maybe you would like to incorporate wallpaper alongside your bathroom wall panels? Or perhaps combining tiles and bathroom wall panels is more to your taste.

Bathroom panels can be easily cleaned and also offer homeowners a waterproof and leak free surface in their bathrooms. Get in touch with to learn more about our bathroom panels.


Bathroom wall panels add a sophisticated look to any bathroom

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