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Storage Solutions

We provide clients with a complete range of custom built storage solutions.
Sometimes in a property, available space is not properly taken advantage of. To maximise the efficiency of available space, Michael Cawley Design can fit custom designed shelving units and drawers under staircases and into corners. Extra shelving and drawers offer clients an elegant way to manage clutter within a home. Our beautiful bespoke storage solutions are made to the specifications of the client’s property and customised to compliment the interior aesthetic and design of the building.
We can build custom entertainment units, alcove units, home office fittings and anything else that the client may require.


Get in contact with Michael Cawley Design now to discuss the unique storage requirements of your property.

Complete Home Office Fit-Outs

If you are converting a room into a home office, allow Michael Cawley Design to offer you the very best in custom designed storage solutions. Our master craftsmen work with the client to assess the unique needs of their office. We then convert the room according to these unique specifications. We are available to make tables that are built around your home computer’s needs and design custom sized shelving for files, portfolios or office equipment.
We believe in maximising space. Our master craftsman makes recommendations based upon the space available and the aesthetic considerations of the client.

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