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Kitchen Cabinets

Michael Cawley Design provides clients with a complete bespoke kitchen cabinet service. We design, manufacture and install high-end cabinets for clients in South Dublin and North Wicklow. Our master craftsman is available to come to your property and build your new kitchen around the interior aesthetic of your property and your personal sense of style.
We can completely revitalise a kitchen. The convenience of our service means we take care of absolutely everything and are available throughout every stage of the design and the build for consulatations.
Utilising modern design software, we’re able to put together 3D mock-ups that give clients a fully 3 dimensional rendered image of their future kitchen.
This cutting edge software ensures that clients always make the right choice for their property.
Our master craftsmen has years of experience in delivering contemporary kitchen and traditional kitchen cabinet design.


To discuss your kitchen requirements, get in contact with Michael Cawley Design today.

Contemporary Kitchen Design

Traditional Kitchen Design

Michael Cawley Design remains at the forefront of modern kitchen design. Our designer can create elegant, minimalistic kitchens that boast sleek, clean colour contrasts.
Even in smaller kitchens, our innovative, modern design techniques take advantage of all available space. We incorporate storage spaces that are not only functional but compliment the overall design aesthetic. Our cabinets are streamlined and colour coded to the client's kitchen appliances.

For those with a traditionally minded aesthetic, we provide cabinets that are modeled after the vintage kitchen builds of yesteryear.
Our traditional designs combine the timeless elegance of classic kitchens with the modern conveniences associated with modern homes. Our classic kitchen builds are steeped in tradition, whilst being functional and practical for the modren homeowner.


To have us design one of our highly regarded kitchens in your home, get in contact with Michael Cawley Design today.


Along with designing kitchens we also supply the perfect kitchen appliances to complement your new kitchen cabinets.
We supply all the major brands and we strive to match the right appliance to your kitchen’s aesthetic.
The brands we supply are market leaders in kitchen appliances, that combine style with functionality and longevity. 

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